Proxy & VPN related questions

From time to time I do get a question. Usually you want to know what is the best VPN for this or that. Below are some of the questions answered.

These answers are not "static", they can change, based on what's currently available.

What is the best VPN for watching tv abroad?

If you don't want to miss anything in tv and you are travelling abroad, VPN will help you. But there are many VPNs, so which one? My recommendation will be Nord VPN - you can use it on up to 6 devices and you choose from 5511 servers located in 59 countries worldwive.

I need it only as temporary solution, so what is the best VPN for one month?

If you need it just for a month, go for the best monthly price - currently it's Ivacy - 9.95 USD per month.

Or there is a list of temporary VPNs that are safe to use.

Can you recommend me the best VPN for Hulu and Netflix?

Online streaming services are trying to block access from cretain regions. Or to be more specific, they have different movies available in different regions. If you want to access the "full menu" that is available in the US, you have to have an IP address located in US. And with VPN you can do that. Nord VPN will be your best bet - a lot of locations and no bandwidth limits.

The online proxy doesn't work. It doesn't show up anything. What now?

Unfortunately, sometimes are even proxy sites blocked. Try another proxy or choose a reliable VPN. You can test a free VPN at first.

We have a lot of computers at home. What would be the best VPN for multiple devices?

If you want to use VPN on more than a few devices, usually there is a limit of 5 or 6 devices, check Surfshark. They offer great price and you can use it on unlimited devices.

How does a vpn affect email?

It should not. Usually there is no difference between sending email while using VPN or not.

I cannot send email when connected to vpn. Why? Whal shall I do?

VPN provider can block ports used by your email client. Or the email server you are using might block access for some IPs. If something like that happen, try connect to a different VPN server.

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