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Best Free Web Proxy of 2018: Hide From You

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Browse your favourite websites at your school or at your work anonymously. Enjoy unrestricted and uncensored browsing in 2018 with the best web proxy online! A quick and secure free web-based proxy service that will protect your online identity and privacy and will help you to browse your favourite websites such as Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or simply any website you want at your school or work.

Just enter the server address into the field below, connect to the site through our anonymous remote proxy server and your browsing then becomes fully anonymous: the site you visit will not see your actual IP address. And also you'll be able to get on sites that are blocked by your firewall.

If you are looking for even better online security, check out the best online VPN services (for even better protection) and list of one-time email accounts to protect your email account from spam.

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Unblock Security

What are the main benefits of Hide From You Proxy?

✓ Free to use
no payments are required to use it, it's free proxy
✓ Unblock any website & bypass all the filters and firewalls
if you are using a proxy, you are not directly connecting to the websites, you are connecting only to and then you are securely connected to the desired website. But this connection stays hidden from the filters in your work, school or country.
✓ You'll be anonymous » Secure Hide From You Proxy
this is a secure proxy server (it means it runs on https protocol), so you can be sure nobody can "listen" to you, as all communication between you and is fully encrypted. Nobody will be able to find which websites you visit, what you read or watch.
✓ Fast unrestricted surfing
our server is fast enough to handle all the traffic and we are constantly monitoring it, to be sure there are no problems or bottlenecks. We want to be known as the fastest web proxy.

We're trying to be the best free web proxy of 2018, help us:
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Known web proxy problems:

Unblock Youtube

If you need to unblock Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, HBO now or any other video streaming service, then web proxy will not help. If you want to unblock an online TV, then you need a VPN - try ZenMate VPN or go to a list of the best VPN services (last updated: April 2018).

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