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Free Anonymous Web Proxy of 2024: Hide From You

Free web proxy site 2024

Free Web Proxy? What is it? It'll help you to unblock your favourite websites at your school or at your work and browse anonymously. Enjoy unrestricted and uncensored browsing in 2024 with the best proxy online!

Hide From You is a quick and secure free web-based proxy service that will protect your online identity and privacy and will help you to browse your favourite websites such as Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, Snapchat or simply any website you want to unblock at your school or work.

Just enter the server address into the field below, connect to the site through our anonymous remote proxy server and your browsing then becomes fully anonymous: the site you visit will not see your actual IP address. And also you'll be able to get on sites that are blocked by your firewall.

If you are looking for even better online security, check out the best online VPN services (for even better protection) and list of one-time email accounts to protect your email account from spam. There is also a big list of anonymous image hosting and file hosts that doesn't require registration.

Unblock Everything » Stay Anonymous » Use VPN!

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Your IP ( is currently public and so everybody can see where you are located and track your activity. Use VPN & enjoy complete privacy!

What are the main benefits of Hide From You?

✓ Free to use
no payments are required to use it, it's free proxy
✓ Unblock any website & bypass all the filters, firewalls and blocks
if you are using a proxy, you are not directly connecting to the websites, you are connecting only to and then you are securely connected to the desired website. But this connection stays hidden from the filters in your work, school or country.
✓ You'll be anonymous » Secure Hide From You Proxy
this is a secure proxy server (it means it runs on https protocol), so you can be sure nobody can "listen" to you, as all communication between you and is fully encrypted. Nobody will be able to find which websites you visit, what you read or watch.
✓ Mobile friendly
our server is fast enough to handle all the traffic and we are constantly monitoring it, to be sure there are no problems or bottlenecks. We want to be known as the fastest web proxy.
✓ Fast unrestricted surfing
the responsive layout makes it easy to browse blocked sites on your mobile phone or tablet.
Unblock Youtube

Known proxy limits:

If you need to unblock Youtube site, Vimeo, Netflix, Hulu, iQiyi, Amazon Video, HBO now or any other video streaming service, then web proxy will not help. If you want to unblock an online TV, then you need a VPN - try NordVPN (now save 75% - only $2.99/month) or go to a list of the best VPN services (last updated: July 2024).

SurfShark VPN

We want to be the best web proxy of 2023, help us:
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Unblocking / Proxy related questions:

Do I need proxy/VPN? I use the "privacy mode" in my browser?

Privacy / Incognitio mode

Yes! If you want to be anonymous, privacy mode (in Firefox), private mode (in Edge or Opera) or incognito mode (in Chrome) is not enough. This special web browser window only disables browsing history and the storage of local data including cookies and flash cookies. Your IP address is still visible and so you can be identified. And all the URLs you visit will be visible to your internet service provider, boss, school IT administrator or government officials.

How to access torrent servers?

Unfortunately, web proxy will not help you. To access blocked torrenting sites and download you really need to use a VPN service.

Is there anything better than web proxy, something that I can also use on my phone, but also free?

If you need just a temporary solution, like once in a while when you are travelling, for example, you can check a list of free temporary VPNs. Not suitable as a permanent solution, because these are limited (bandwidth, speed, transfer, ...) but perfectly fine for occasional needs.

How to bypass school filters on iPhone?

It's very similar to what you need to do when using computer. For web browsing you can use our proxy site and if you need Internet in some other apps, the best way will be a VPN. Either free (but beware of fake/dangerous apps) or paid.

Is it slower to browse using proxy to unblock websites?

Browsing through web proxies might be a little bit slower. Why? The traffic goes through a middleman (the proxy server), the "path" is longer and so there might a small delay. But it's not a real problem, beacuse usually it's not noticable.

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